Save The Constellation of Children otherwise known as, Save The Children Campaign (STCC), is a registered Non-Governmental, and not-for-profit Organization working with the Children and Youths in advocating for every Child/Youth to be given a qualitative education and an equal opportunity to express their God given talent through qualitative and life changing programmes and services.

Founded in 1993, we have been in the front-line in advocating and organizing free co - curricular activities and programmes in and out of schools aimed at building sterling leadership qualities, discovery/developing God given talent, building entrepreneurial skills and the fear of God in the lives of the Children and youths. We also act as a Community Base Organization (CBO) in meeting the needs of our Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

stcc patron


To attain perfection (Matt. 5:48), this is also the message to the children and youths.


Our dedication, commitment and determination to live by example, encouraging others to do the same. Dealing with situation, not just as they come but from short term and long term goals with appropriate preparation to meet our today for tomorrow. Creating down to earth programs and activities aimed at building sterling leadership qualities and the fear of God.


Solutions are not individualistic neither are they optional choices of fancy but well researched, documented, debated and acceptable options based on Biblical and time tested principles. Paying attention to the facts that greatness is not by chance but by choice.


To advocate and where possible, to give every child a chance for a change through quality education and equal opportunity to express their God giving talents.


Every program and activity is packaged to inform the participants through direct or indirect involvement. This help in shaping their paradigm in life which in turns help to shape their attitude and behaviours towards their life expectation and encounters.


STCC raises individuals committed to the cause of saving the children. They may serve different capacities as lead or best suited. This includes, Patrons who serve the roles of Advisers, referrals and core supporters of the vision and mission.
Financial Members whose contribution enables the STCC meets her Financial obligations for her free programs. Volunteers who carries the day to day message and running of all programs and activities and Contributors and donors who from time to time chip something to help move the vision and mission ahead.