Our dedication, commitment and determination to live by example, encouraging others to do the same. Dealing with the situation, not just as they come but from short term and long term goals with appropriate preparation to meet our today for tomorrow. Creating down to earth programs and activities aimed at building sterling leadership qualities and the fear of God.


Working in the lives of CHILDREN and YOUTHS to inculcate STERLING LEADERSHIP QUALITIES AND THE FEAR OF GOD in their lives through our various life-changing programs.


• Scholarship Award
• Self Help Projects
• Youth Development Programs
• Welfare Packages
• Charity for the Needy
• Health Development Activities.



We are a volunteer-friendly organization, providing the opportunity for skills development while making positive impacts. Volunteering to share your time and talents with us can help to change children’s lives.


Your donation is a long term investment which will help in the advocacy for a child's educational advancement and provision of access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention for children.


Are you excited and want to be a part of us, but don't know where to start? You can get your friends and families together to register for our events, i.e. Raise a Gift for the Needy, STCC Annual Leadership Holiday Camp e.t.c.


In 1993, May 1, a vision for saving the children and youths was discussed in an open forum of young professionals. It was and it is still considered a great commission from God to do so. Not as a religious body but as a Christian Voluntary Organization to save our children and youths through prayers and relevant social services.

January 10, 1996 the mission year began with about nine young people moving into a village, Ikot Ekpuk in Akwa Ibom State to the only two rooms they could afford (with forty-five Naira only in their pockets) to begin the great task ahead as a practice of their faith and their believe in the Call of God.

Every worker and volunteer of STCC is not only doing a job but also answering a call from God who shall bless and reward him or her now and forevermore. It is a covenant thing, a conviction to do so and standing up to one's faith of a possibility of God who can do all things. It worked in the beginning; it is working now and shall work forever. This is not only a statement of faith but also a daily reality.


Every program and activity of STCC is packaged to inform, educate, empower and instruct the participants through direct or indirect involvement. This help in shaping their paradigm in life which in turns help to shape their attitude and behaviours towards their life expectation and encounters. Some of our core-programmes and activities include: